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The rest…

Yeah, we should be talking together…I’m gonna write the rest of my responses in one clump so it doesn’t show you a lot of messages since you’ve just said something about 40-50 messages. About the messages. While I don’t look at messages like that, I think of them more in terms of length per message across the number of messages, I understand what you mean. Sorry.

You said if you feel overwhelmed you write on your blog…I’m doing something about that actually. I’m in the process of writing my first real one and I’m just gonna join it with my personal website and change it to include both my blog and my work. But I’m just not gonna make it anonymous because at this point in my life I’m really just trying to work out how I feel and be open about it. I realize that is a difference between us. It’s cool and preferable that we aren’t identical, but we are close enough that it works out…I feel.

I read the rest of what you said, you said something about 14 messages…I don’t know why you don’t want to read them, but the messages were to you, I started typing while you were typing because the timing was interesting to me. But the messages were to you. I understand if you don’t read them, but it makes me sad. But I’ll get over it, and probably already did. You don’t have to respond to anything I said in those 14 messages, but if you have the time and the curiosity, I hope you’ll at least review them and determine if you think they were appropriate. If not, just don’t mention them I guess. I spent the time to share so I’d like to think you cared enough to check it, but if not and you think my attention was misplaced…I’ll accept that. Love ya. Hope you have a nice day and sweet dreams tonight. I don’t want to bug you anymore today. Thought that’s probably not a great way to put it, because you could never bug me. <3