Personal Website For My Work


Placeholder for a static page regarding my nxLogin identity web service which has an authorization server folded into the development.

The service’s front-end is sitting on my personal web server at my home. You can check it out if it happens to be up, and it usually is, at Furthermore, you can check out some preliminary testing at where I was testing ChatFrag as a registered client app that defers authentication to nxLogin which you can see by visiting the ChatFrag site linked above and clicking “Authorize”.

It passes the client id of ChatFrag which is registered in the nxLogin database and the redirect_uri it registered in the database as well and nxLogin pulls the client app name from the database and identifies the incoming client request by displaying “Authenticate for ‘ChatFrag'”.

If you visit nxLogin’s site without clicking Authorize on ChatFrag to lead in, the text is different, indicating the state of the request.