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nxLogin web-service

A web-service, I did it…

So I got I finally got a project that allowed me to take the time to finish the nxLogin web-service…to the extent that I needed it anyway. It implements the OAuth2 spec, but only the resource owner credentials (user/pass) and authorization code flows. I’m working on a project called nxEquip which is an effort to bring the heavy salvage brokering client/server application which is currently built on C# WPF for the front-end and C# WCF as the network layer/back-end interface to a MySQL database…to a Golang back-end which is pretty much the C# WCF network layer, plus a proxied web server that handles end-point requests; still interfaces with a MySQL database, and a React.js front-end with Redux for application state and “data binding.”

nxLogin serves as the authorization server for nxEquip which drove the development. Currently all I have left in terms of the infrastructure technology stack is websockets. I’m working with gorilla/websocket in Golang. We’ll see how that goes.

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