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Chiron in 6th House

There is deep pity on the soul level, for the impossibility of perfection in life, and a consequent compulsion regarding practicality or soberness. One may find oneself disengaging from the steady routines of life, as the result of an inner sensation that no matter how hard one tries, perfection is not meant to be attained.

Vulnerability of Chiron in 6th House:

It is not uncommon for individuals with an uncomfortable Chiron in the Sixth House, or in association with Virgo or Mercury, to “escape” (inclining towards the polarity point of Pisces) from the “Lower Mind” (i.e. Mercury) to the “Higher Consciousness” (i.e. Neptune) in order not to feel the “awkwardness” implied in the minutiae of mundane life. This “escape” can take place in various forms, and can range from an overconsumption of alcohol, drugs, or sleep medicines, to getting compulsively engaged in music, dance, or the world of fantasy: an individual with this placement would not hesitate to occupy himself or herself with anything that can take his or her mind off the “dumb” and “dirty” details of physical existence.

For an individual with this configuration, the cleansing functions of the body (such as urinating, sweating, or defecating) may be especially embarrassing to deal with, and sickness or neediness can be quite off-putting as well. Precisely for this reason, such individuals may feel compulsively attracted to “sickness” or “neediness” in others, as if finding something similar to their own physical and/or psychological “incongruities” in others somehow offers a degree of relief. Taking care of plants (especially asymmetric or thorny ones), animals (especially those with injuries or anomalies) or helping any creature, in general, that is in an undeniably pathetic condition can thus be quite “soothing” to the Chironic “glitch” these individuals may be carrying on a physical or psychological level.

Evolution of Chiron in 6th House:

If Chiron is evolved in the chart, one can possibly witness others’ “sins” without either feeling victimized by them or assuming a self-righteous position towards them. The ultimate healing attitude, in this case, would be an acceptance of the limits and imperfections of those we love or live with, not in the purely Neptunian fashion of extending compassion (which, in fact, may be derived from a camouflaged sense of superiority), but in a humble Chironic manner of “recognizing” and “sharing” the “awkwardness” implied in the very condition of being human.

An individual with an evolved Chiron in the Sixth House, or in association with Mercury or Virgo, can thus truly help others and heal himself or herself by shifting focus from things that cannot be to things that can be: through listening to the “other”, preparing a simple meal for the “other”, or merely witnessing the burden of being the “other”, one can offer the most precious gift to the “other”, and thus to oneself: healing of the soul, regardless of how “perfect” or “deserving” one may be.