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Chiron conjunct Jupiter


When Chiron aspects a planet in the horoscope, the aspected planet is Chirotic. On the most primary level, the planet aspected by Chiron is similar in feeling to a planet involved in a quincunx, i.e., it is constantly activated and being pushed to a new level of awareness. Specifically, contents in the subconscious mind related to past life struggles which are relevant to emotional responses for this lifetime are activated within the vibration of the planet that is in aspect to Chiron. For example, in a chart with Venus square Chiron, the native would tend to get involved in love affairs with individuals whom they had already experienced trauma with in past lives. On a more subtle level, aspects to Chiron attune the planet in aspect to “Chiros.”
Chiros is the realm beyond linear time which is ruled by Saturn. It is the place where events in the here and now relate to the synchronicity principle. The synchronous level is our experience with congruences between this dimension and other non-physical dimensions. It is the place where we can find the interface between realities. It is the place in time where we can attain another plane of awareness by simply moving our focus to another realm. For example, it is the place in the psyche which recognizes significant meaning with another human that you’ve just met whether you know it is based on a past life contact or not. So, regarding a planet aspected by Chiron, outside events occur which attune this planet to higher consciousness vibrations in attunement with the planet in aspect. For example, natives with Chiron sextile the Sun will draw parents who try to raise the child in a good environment. Those parents also probably knew the child before. Jungians say the synchronicity principle is “accusal.” To me that means the cause is not definable on the physical plane; the cause is coming from the universal timeless mind, the emotional and soul body or some other dimension which we haven’t even intuited or identified yet. The planets in aspect to Chiron can resonate easily on all those levels. And regarding the “accusal” synchronicity principle, now that Chiron has been sighted, we are beginning to attune to the “unseen” causes. As we attune to them our bridge to multidimensional realms is stronger.
Planets in aspect to Chiron feel unstable at first; they represent energies which we feel compelled to experience and master. Chiron’s role is to destabilize, to infuse Saturnian form with Uranian energy. The experiences related to planets aspected by Chiron have only really been pushed into action since November 1977 when Chiron was sighted. Many new consciousness programs, movements, and new paradigms such as I.C.C.S., Asilomar with David Spangler and Dr. Brugh Joy, Jean Houston workshops, and Chris Griscom’s work with gold needles started in the fall of 1977, and readers should take a moment to reflect on changes in their behavior since that time. For example, suddenly in 1977 and 1978, people realized they could access emotions by going into places in the body. Your ability to resonate with the planets aspected by Chiron will be enhanced by a moment’s reflection on what you were doing in 1977-78, because that is a major power point in the emergence of Chiron.
Aspects to Chiron are subtle because they push us to subtle levels, but Chiron is a knife-like tool you can use to dissect levels of awareness. You can utilize Chiron to sensitize yourself to other dimensions. Transits of Chiron are very critical and are not subtle, which will be discussed in Chapter Twelve. But, the aspects of Chiron to the planets and Nodes are subtle; like the emergence of a new shoot of a plant above a great root system. That shoot has great energy from the massive root system, and as you allow yourself to attune to Chirotic energy and eras, (a life force), it will infuse your system with a wonderful youthfulness, a sense of great hope. The resonation in the mind is also intense; these aspects are probably the key access point to the large field of consciousness presently not being used. We can only begin to imagine at this time the great potential of working with aspects to Chiron. We will not get this level by thinking, however, it only comes by experiencing.


When Chiron is aspecting Jupiter resonation with multidimensional realities is intense. Now that we are able to name this mastery expansion vibration, a whole new level of creativity and expression will quickly manifest for these natives. Jupiter is the physical home of the masters, the place in our brain centers which enables us to validate the existence of higher levels of vibration. Jupiter is the planet which causes us to feel the presence of the spirit; it is the place in us that perceives “the unmanifest,” or that which is not in physical form, as identified by Chris Griscom. But these levels still have existence in some other dimension or form, and Chiron is the bridge between physical form/Saturn and multidimensional thought processes/Uranus. Aspects between Jupiter and Chiron enable us to perceive new levels, because Jupiter helps us to feel them. Saturn makes the form in consciousness, and Uranus activates the mind into perception, activating the neurological system into transmission. If all this sounds like space talk, be aware that we are on the verge of a stupendous consciousness alteration, and often the planetary archetypes are straight and true early indicators of the nature of the shift. The planets help us to put upcoming cycles into words. That is what archetypes are all about.
On a personal level, the connection between Jupiter and Chiron causes the native to react very strongly to transmutative energy forces and to feel great urges to reach other levels of reality. They develop very strong convictions as they mature, and they are very driven to communicate their beliefs. However, with the hard aspects, they may become overbearing and even have difficulties maintaining a firm hold on reality. They know a lot, and they usually encounter many years of being doubted because they cannot explain how they know so much. They can easily be overwhelmed by a personified unconscious inflation because the world they perceived from intuition is so much more luminous that they deny outer reality. That is, the contents of the subconscious seem more real than the everyday life and they lose themselves in it. As the Jungians put it, they are swallowed by the unconscious. With this problem it is essential to continue to communicate what is known, because someday it will be valuable in the world, and because inability to communicate separates the native and opens them to being swallowed by the unconscious.

Chiron conjunct Jupiter

…is a rather difficult position because the native does not function well with normal patterns. This native is a maverick with a superiority complex who listens very little to others. He or she feels radically different from others. In youth this native fixates on almost anyone who understands this disturbing inner intensity on that contact. As this native moves out into the culture, he or she feels uncomfortable with the peer group and birth culture and tends to be very attracted to other cultures and previously unknown people. There is so much projection upon these fascinating unknown new contacts that sooner or later the native is always disappointed in the object.
Three of my four clients with Chiron conjunct Jupiter have spent many years working with rituals of native peoples while being fascinated with the individual natives personally. Chart 15 is that of the priest who works with Native American rituals. The writer of Chart 38 is fascinated with other cultures, is giving to the world, but has many conflicts with everyday life because he resonates to his inner world so intensely. Writer Elie Wiesel has this position and is a good example of the dynamic. For counseling, it is wise to work with this native on projection issues and personality boundary tension, to help them to recognize the difference between the real world and their own inner contents while acknowledging his or her superior gifts. This complex may appear to be an ego block when in fact it is perceptual.